Arlan Enterprises offers the following Services:
  • Web Page Design
  • Business Promotion
  • Web Page Maintenance
  • Domain Hosting
What is Arlan Enterprises?
  • Locally owned
  • based in Lexington
  • inexpensive
arlan enterprises website
Though web design services are currently limited, Kyle is taking steps to improve his design capabilities.

Kyle currently offers the creation of:

  • Graphics
  • Flash animations
  • Company logos
  • Basic web pages
An example of an image and animation created by Kyle can be found below, or in the Blog.
For an animated version, click here.
fish logo
Contact information:
  • Email:
The following methods of payment are accepted:
  • all credit cards
  • Checks
  • paypal
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For a flash portfolio click here. Please note that this feature is
in testing, and that it may not work properly. this feature will be updated frequently.

Check it out! We've got a blog! Please note, the blog is sort of in testing too. I'll be refining the appearance for a while.

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