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Posted Thursday, November 4th
Anybody looking for the mod
It has been moved. Notice the nifty sidebar along the bottom of the blog now. That's where it is, that "battlefront mod" link. Click that to access any information regarding the mod.

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Posted Saturday, October 30th
Battlefront Cartoon/Realism mod v 0.7!
Note-I have uploaded a zipped version of these files, which requires 7Zip to unzip. It's fairly self explanatory. just drag and drop the files from 7Zip to your SIDES folder after backing it up. You can download this file, which includes the Readme, here. The original post, which shows you how to find the SIDE folder, is in the original post which starts here: (Note; Links are null. all files have been moved to the battlefront section.)

Hi to everybody from Gametoast. For those of you not from Gametoast.com, this is a battlefront 1 mod. check the website to find out what that means.The Imperial side is here (63 MB), and the Rebel side is here.(100 MB) At some point in the future when I learn how to make both files downloadable from one point, I'll do that. The Readme is here. You will be unable to open either of these files. The rest is in the Readme. These are not .ZIP files. If you've never used a sides mod before, follow the instructions in the Readme. You can break the game if I messed up somehow, or if you mess up somehow. In the event that you don't read the readme, I am not responsible for damage to your game. If you don't own a copy of Battlefront 1, this is useless to you. The readme also tells you how to get the downloaded files from where they are to where they should be.

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Posted Thursday, October 28th
Hello World!
Welcome to the Arlan Enterprises blog!. This is just an experimental feature, we'll see how it goes. Basically, this is somewhere where I am going to be informal. if you don't like that, please navigate your way back to the main page, and we'll leave it at that. But
if you're here to hear me talk, you've come to the right place. I'll just start off by congratulating you on even managing to find my site, let alone click around enough to find this. I'll post a number of things here. My most recent bit of work is for Gametoast.com, Which is celebrating its sixth birthday! They're holding a contest to see who can design the best banner, and I submitted this:

Gametoast Banner
Click the image to go to the forum

See, for those of you who don't play Battlefront, that is what's referred to as a Rebel Vanguard. His main weapon is a rocket launcher. He's just fired it, and the rocket's doing something it would aboslutely never to in the game, spiraling crazily. It sort of just happens to be in the shape of a six. That's about all I got for today, See You Later!

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